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One of Australia's Largest Independent
Gold Buyers



We pay cash for your broken, damaged and

unwanted Gold

Gold Buyers Central is a precious metal recycler.  We will pay cash for your Broken, Damaged and Unwanted Gold Silver or Platinum.


You might have just one earring or a broken chain or jewellery you have not worn for years, bring it into one of our conveniently located stores and we can pay you cash on the spot.


Even if you are not sure if it is real gold our friendly staff will assess this for free of charge, you can turn that jewellery you have not worn in years in cash,  you might be surprised just how much you can be paid for your unwanted items.


Of course, if you have gold coins, nuggets or bullion we can pay you cash for those too.

Our Process - In Store


Visit Us In Store

Bring your gold to us in person to one of our centrally-located stores.


Our friendly team will process your items and give you cash on the spot.

Our stores are open every day at the locations below, some, but due to shopping restrictions changing frequently, we recommend calling first to make an appointment or confirm opening hours if you are making a special trip to visit us.  

About Us

Gold Buyers Central was incorporated in 2013 and is WA owned and operated.

We are a precious metals recycler and buy any unwanted gold in any condition (broken jewellery, dental gold, nuggets, coins, etc.).

We currently have 27 stores located in major shopping centres in WA, SA, QLD and NSW.  We are a licensed Second Hand Dealer in WA, SA, QLD and NSW and as such, are required to adhere to strict legal and regulatory requirements enforced by the governing body in each state.

Second Hand Dealer license Number #2053

CALL 1300 426 245

Recycling your Gold the environmental truth

The environmental impact caused by the process and extracting the raw gold alloy from the earth is the single most destructive industry on the planet.  By selling your Gold to GB Central you are helping to reduce the impact on the planet through our precious metal recycling mission.

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